Beers & Wines

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to compliment

Vicki's fresh food & 

casual, friendly environment~

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Fine Wines


House Red, Cabernet Sauvignon—5/20

McManis Cabernet Sauvigon, Fruity, creamy—7/22

Cartlidge Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry, creamy—7/24

Renzo Masi Chianti Rufina, Aromatic, smooth—7/22

Tortoise Creek* Merlot, Rich, mellow—7/22

Scia Corvina, Fresh,, intense—9/23 


House White, Chardonnay*—5/20

McManis Pinot Grigio, Tangy, light—7/22

Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blank, Crisp, citric—7/22

Round Hill* Rose, Zinfandel grape, fruity, sweet—7/22


Adami Prosecco Garbel, An Italian sparkling wine, dry, crisp,

pleasantly tart—7/23/34

Mimosa, Orange juice & Adami Prosecco Garbel—7

Certified green sustainable wine growing practices.

Great Beers

Sta Fe Ale, Amber ale, medium bodied—4

Smithwick Amber Ale, Ireland's #1 Ale—4

Moretti La Rossa, Dark, sweet, malty lager—5

Stella Artois, Pilsner-style pale lager—4

Blue Moon, Belgian-style, crisp, creamy—4

Michelob ULTRA, Low-carb, low-cal light lager—3

Dos Equis, Mexican lager—4

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